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Single Malt Whisky - Peated Sherry

Single Malt Whisky - Peated Sherry


Limited to 215 bottles. 52.5% ABV. 500ml.

This smooth single malt whisky has been aged for five years in a heavily charred, French Oak, ex-PX Sherry cask that has 20% peated malt. A spectacular whisky perfect for World Whisky Day!


Colour: Oiled oak

Nose: Sugar-snapped rose petals, Red Frog lollies,  smoldering incense

Palate: Golden delicious apples and Speculoos tea biscuits give way to mild cardamom spices and barrel char. 

Finish: Pleasant woody oils and buttery spice. Grandad's tobacco pipe and hints of melting jaffa finish warmly.


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