Single Malt Whisky - Smoky 1881 @ 47% 200ml

Single Malt Whisky - Smoky 1881 @ 47% 200ml


With a ‘little’ bit of Scottish peat used to give our barley a smoky taint, this whisky has been aged in 200lt + American oak, ex tawny port barrels.

The balanced, wispy peat gets sent to the back of your palate whilst you develop a slightly savoury/cinnamon mouth feel. On the nose you will get tawny cask florals, apricot & maybe fruit cake aromas. Your palate will find savoury, slightly salty & earthy tones. With a classic, slightly Scottish heritage finish of wispy smoke & spice.

1881 was when it all ‘kicked off’ with illicit distilling in the Timboon area. Taste our history & enjoy the heritage. Slainte


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