Single Malt Whisky - Stocktake Release 2020

Single Malt Whisky - Stocktake Release 2020


Distilled 28/05/16, bottled 31/09/2020 Limited to 150 bottles only @ 49.5%ABV

Keeping it real..

Each year I gather a group in our bond store to conduct an 'health check' on all barrels under bond. My group this year included myself, my dad Matt, my father in law Heath, two good mates, Brad & Banga & our Mr Fixit & associated distiller, Kevin. The process involves dipping into every cask, measuring the alcohol & taking a small sample to taste to make sure the barrel is on the right path! We also score (out of 10) the 50 casks that we determine are closest to being ready for release. Once we identify these casks, we give them a 2 word descriptive name.

Whilst I use these scores/reviews as a guide throughout the year, I sometimes pay less attention if that cask was reviewed further down the list as whisky starts to take it's toll on the tasters/reviewers the more caskes you score...for example, 'Banga' described one cask as a KFC Zinger!!?? The process we use has a serious side, honestly but it also keeps the whole process real!

So, for this limited release, I have combined the three highest scoring barrels and brought them together to create 150 bottles only @ 49.5% abv of Stocktake Release 2020. Out of a possible 180 points, these three barrels combined scored 156 points which is 'off the top shelf' with some hard markers in the group.

Enjoy the fruits of our labour!

Barrels: 1 x French Oak, ex tawny from Seppeltsfield and 2 x American oak, ex tawny from Michael Unwin wines.

Golden honey in colour with a nose of raisin, burnt toffee & maple syrup. Expect warm, syrupy, vanilla bean & fruit on the palate and look forward to the warming finish of caramel lilqueur & light spice.


JOSH WALKER distiller


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