the stills


Up until July 2020, all our single malt has been made in our beautiful 600 litre Knapp Lewer copper pot still, made in Hobart, Tasmania.  In March as Covid-19 turned our world upside down, we installed another much larger 1650 litre still in a temporary spot to make sanitiser for Warnambool Health. WE can't wait to get our new still into whisky production as soon as the health crisis is over.

Owner and distiller Josh Walker will have the still operating six days a week; bubbling, steaming and producing new make spirit for all to see. Talk to Josh, or one of our distillery assistants or  read through the history of illicit distilling in the area and of course.... make sure you have a wee dram!

The Distiller

Josh Walker grew up in Timboon and started his own farm contracting business at the age of 17. Move forward a few years and the passion for whisky lead to the purchase of the distillery. Josh travelled the well worn whisky paths across Europe and America and learned the trade from experienced  'old hands'.  Move forward to 2020 and Josh is now a respected member of the rapidly growing Australian single malt distilling industry, making award winning whisky.

Josh and his wife Caitlin, along with Josh's family, are all involved in the distillery operations, creating a great working atmosphere for this booming regional business. In 2020, Josh launched ABeckett's Creek Cooperage which is headed up by our cooper, Josh's father in law. Heath Mason. With never nothing to do, Josh also collaborates with the Queenscliff and Apollo Bay distilleries.

PS: Josh also breeds his own grass fed, black angus beef which is used in the distillery kitchens and is also available in fresh and frozen take home packs from the distillery.


The whisky we make at the Timboon Railway Shed Distillery is a true single malt whisky. We use malted barley as the only grain ingredient processed for us into a wash by a local brewery. Our inspirations are the great single malts of Scotland and the Isles, so it’s only natural that our own whisky is made to the same time honoured traditions. We've been making true small batch, Australian craft whisky on site since 2007.

Excitingly, in June 2020 we have planted our first barley crop just out of Timboon on ABeckett's Creek farm. This is the beginning of our first ever Estate Grown Single Malt down the track. We will grow, harvest, process, distill age this new estate whisky, the whole process will be completed in Timboon. We look forward to adding this to our whisky portfolio.



Our range of spirits currently includes our renowned Coffee Cream liqueur, Strawberry Schnapps, a classic Limoncello and a Vodka, infused with an Australian vanilla bean.



7 DAYS: 10am - 4.00pm

LUNCH: 11.30am - 3pm Bookings essential.


We do not open for dinner  or cater for functions sorry.

Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Good Friday.




The Railway Yard

1 Bailey Street

Timboon, VIC  3268

T  /  03 5598 3555