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Meet our Spirits

Step into our virtual tasting room as we introduce you to our flagship whiskies and spirits. We'll dive into the nuances of flavour profiles and highlight the unique characteristics that set our whiskies apart.


Single Malt Whisky PORT EXPRESSION @ 40-44% abv. Our original and award-winning single malt. Having been produced at the distillery since November 2007, consumers now know and love us for this line and it has become our Signature whisky, i.e.: the whisky that says most of what we are all about. Aged in ex-port American oak, heavily charred barrels, sizing from 40lts-125lts. It’s designed to be a slightly sweet and easy drinking whisky for anyone, anytime!

Single Malt Whisky SMOKY 1881 @ 47% abv. Introduced as our third permanent line in 2021. With a little bit of Scottish peat used to give our barley a smoky taint, this whisky has been aged in 200 lt + American oak, ex tawny port barrels. The balanced whisky peat gets sent to the back or your palate whilst you develop a slightly savoury/cinnamon mouth feel. On the nose get tawny cask florals, apricot & fruit cake aromas. Then your palate will find slightly salty & earthy tones. Classic, slightly Scottish heritage finish of wispy smoke and spice.

Single Malt Whisky TOM’S SURRENDER @ 50% abv. Our fourth portfolio line released post-Christmas 2021. Aged in ex Sherry barrels, it’s a smoothy!

Single Malt Whisky CHRISTIES CUT @ 60% abv. Was our second permanent line, Christies Cut is a cask strength whisky straight from the barrel (slightly cut with water). Its named after the Detective Inspector John Christie who at the turn of the 19th century tracked and captured Tom Delaney, who was an illicit distiller in this area. Like Christie himself, this whisky is a big and bold, has a deep character and full flavoured finish. It is generally aged in smaller barrel sizes of 25lt -50lt.


SNAKE TRACK VANILLA VODKA @ 40% abv: our vodka is based on our new make spirit, but instead of the spirit going into barrels to make whisky we ‘clean it up’ using a charcoal filter, cut it down with purified water and put it straight into a plastic drum ready for bottling. The spirit itself is quite bland, so we add an Australian grown vanilla bean which adds colour, flavour and a unique vanilla aroma. Not sweet at all, our Vanilla vodka is great over ice or in any cocktail.

LIMONCELLO @ 25% abv: a classic Italian digestive/aperitif, we painstakingly hand peel local lemons and freeze. When I am ready to make the spirit, I place the peel into a big plastic vessel, add our plain vodka spirit and let the peel steep for up to 3 months. The lemon peel fuses all its flavour into the spirit over time. When I am happy with the steeped spirit, I extract it into a different plastic vessel discarding most of the peel. I sweeten to taste using raw sugar, let a small amount of peel back into the mix and blend the product. This creates the slight cloudiness in the Limoncello which is a personal preference of mine. This spirit will freeze as it is low in abv and has real lemon peel in it. It is ideal served on ice, sensational in cocktails or a long drink and is beneficial as a digestive after a big meal!

JIM LOVE STRAWBERRY SCHNAPPS @ 21% abv: our strawberry schnapps is a wine-based liqueur. We use a similar process to distil the product as we do with our whisky wash and this process fortifies the wine base. Once we have achieved the desired result, we steep frozen Timboon Strawberries into it and let them ferment for around 6 weeks. As with the Limoncello, I sweeten to taste and then bottle. This product is great on ice, in a long drink with lemonade or soda, for cocktails, in champagne, over ice cream, mixed with our coffee cream and chef’s love to cook with it. JAMES LOVE whom the schnapps in named after, was involved with Tom Delaney in the making of illicit whisky in the area.

BAXTER’S COFFEE CREAM @ 16% abv: one of our most popular products. This awesome liqueur is created with our wine base spirit too. I add a coffee extract and a little hazelnut syrup. This product is the best one to finish a tasting with. This product sells well and often consumers find it to be better than they were expecting! It has complexity and whilst sweet, is not sickly so: It’s a winner!


Our Port Expression single malt has been infused with salted caramel and burnt sugar. Straight up, over ice or let your cocktail making ideas run wild. 375ml bottle.

We hope that this journey through our product showcase has ignited your curiosity and we invite you come and visit our distillery door in person or shop online.

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