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200ml Triple Pack with GIN

200ml Triple Pack with GIN


A triple pack with a 200ml bottle of our Port Expression single malt, a 200ml bottle of our Gold Medal Awarded Smoky 1881 and a 200ml bottle of our 12 Apostles Australian Gin!

Port Expression 200ml - Single Malt Whisky

Golden straw soft gold colour. The nose is gentle and inviting, showing aromas of oak, caramel, butter scotch, dark chocolate, red berries and honey. The palate is soft with fruit notes and a whisp of vanilla. Full length through the palate. A faint tingling of smoke closes out this malt. Aged in American oak Ex-Port Casks. 

Twelve Apostles Gin 200ml

Our gin is distilled in copper pot stills just inland from the rugged cliffs of the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia. Using NATIVE botanicals, our gin is best served neat ove ice or with your favourite tonic.

42% ALC/VOL 700 ml bottle.

Juniper + Lime + Lemon Myrtle + Orange + Ginger + Orris Root

Smoky 1881 200ml - Single Malt Whisky

With a ‘little’ bit of Scottish peat used to give our barley a smoky taint, this whisky has been aged in 200lt + American oak, ex tawny port barrels.

The balanced, wispy peat gets sent to the back of your palate whilst you develop a slightly savoury/cinnamon mouth feel. On the nose you will get tawny cask florals, apricot & maybe fruit cake aromas. Your palate will find savoury, slightly salty & earthy tones. With a classic, slightly Scottish heritage finish of wispy smoke & spice.

1881 was when it all ‘kicked off’ with illicit distilling in the Timboon area. Taste our history & enjoy the heritage. Slainte.

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